2021 Property Value Notice To The Public


Notice is hereby given in compliance with section 5713.01, 5713.041, 5713.32, 5713.35, 5727.06, 5715.17 O.R.C., that real estate values of Clinton County for tax year 2021 have been completed in accordance with sections 5713.03, 5713.31, 5715.01 and 5715.19 O.R.C. and with the rules and methods applicable of the County adopted, prescribed and promulgated by the Commissioner of Tax Equalization, are open for public inspection at the office of the County Auditor, First Floor, Clinton County Court House, 46 South South Street, Wilmington, Ohio.  Formal complaints against any valuations or assessments except the valuation fixed and assessments made by the Department of Taxation of Ohio, which appear on the tax duplicate of the current year may be filed after January 1, 2022.  Complaints must be made in writing on forms furnished by the County Auditor and filed in the Auditor’s Office before March 31, 2022.