2021 Dog License Update
Dec 16 2020

Clinton County Auditor Terry Habermehl announces that he has authorized PBS Animal Health in Wilmington to sell 2021 dog licenses after Buckley Brothers decided against selling them this year due to the COVID-19 virus.

The Tax Commissioner issued a new DTE 100 Conveyance Form - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JUNE 30,2021
Nov 25 2020

The Tax Commissioner issued a new DTE100 Conveyance Form May 13, 2020. The new DTE100 includes a bar code and a revised date of 5/20. This new form allows the Department of Taxation to scan the forms in versus data entry to compile data. This specific DTE100 will be the only accepted DTE100 as of January 1, 2021.


Levy Calculator
Sep 18 2020

A new Levy Calculator add-on has been released to help you estimate how a proposed levy might affect your taxes. Search for a parcel and click on the tax tab. The link to the levy calculator can be found there.

Tentative State Ordered 2020 Triennial Update of Real Property
Sep 03 2020

WILMINGTON - Clinton County Auditor Terence Habermehl has announced that new, tentative real estate values established for the state-ordered 2020 triennial update of real property are now available for review. The new property values can be found on the auditor’s website at: https://clintonoh-auditor.ddti.net or by calling the auditor’s office at (937) 382-2250 from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Wednesday.

Tax Estimator
Apr 23 2020

A new Tax Estimator add-on has been released to help you estimate your taxes.

Clinton County Citizen Transparency Now Available!
Apr 23 2020
Homestead Exemption Program Expanded
Apr 23 2020

Homestead Exemption Program Expanded - State Legislature has expanded the Homestead Exemption Program, a property tax reduction program, for all senior citizens and permanently disabled homeowners. Visit the Homestead Exemption page for more information and to download an application.